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Information on HP 1010 windows 7 driver

June 24, 2011 Leave a comment
HP 1010 printer

HP 1010 printer

Choosing a correct driver for business purpose and personal use could be difficult if you don’t have any the correct information. The HP 1010 windows 7 driver is a very essential printer driver. Any problem related to the HP 1010 is commonly different from others. Sometimes, if you use Microsoft windows then you can see a yellow indicator with a none-working driver. HP is no longer supporting the HP 1010 laser jet printer. If you are trying to find drivers for the HP 1010 printer for windows 7, then you will not able to find them. The reason is that, HP decided to abandon of all the HP customers that own hp 1010 printer.  There isn’t any way to download the hp 1010 windows 7 driver.

You cannot find a driver for hp printer 1010 for win 7; because, HP never made a printer driver for 1010. You may be faced with upgrading from windows 98 or windows XP pro to Windows 7, Everything should work except installing the HP 1010 printer. It will work on all operating systems before windows7. HP 1010 win 7 drivers are not accessible on the HP websites; because, Hp does not have any drivers for HP 1010 printer for you to download. Their own website indicates that they are not supporting win 7 for the HP LaserJet 1010 printer. Thus it can be said that, HP 1010 has a driver problem when it comes to win 7. Many people try to find a HP driver for HP1010 printer. Ever since, after upgrading the Windows 7, the printer no longer works. While connecting the printer machine with Windows 7, you would face a problem that shows an error message: spooler subsystem app problem and as well it can not be good for work with printing.

If you upgraded to Windows 7 operating system then you will not find windows 7 drivers. Additionally, it can not provide network connectivity. Currently, it is compatible with some operating system; such as Me, Windows XP, 2000, and also 98 SE. It does not connect with machine running Linux or UNIX and Mac computers. Therefore, connecting with Windows machine is easily done through the USB. For this, specific software needs to be installed before using these printers that can be downloaded from my website.

Therefore with having all these problems, HP does not appear to plan on producing a driver for this printer and win 7.  If you are interested in getting more information about how to solve the HP 1010 windows 7 driver problem, then you can browse this website. Here, you will be able find the solution to the HP 1010 windows 7 driver download issue.